October Newsletter & Puppy Uprising

October 22, 2013

October Newsletter & Puppy Uprising

Hello friends!

Things have been pretty exciting around here at the Button Club Head Quarters. In September, we had a visit from Sutro Sam, the little otter who took up residence in the ruins of the famous Sutro Baths. Check out his dashing swim trunks in the September 2013 issue of Button Club, and learn more about guest artist, Todd Berman in the artist spotlight.

October is pomegranate season around these parts, and I have not been able to stop taking pictures of them! I love the colors and the shapes, and of course the deliciously sweet and tangy seeds. I've also been stockpiling pictures of fruit, so when the post office released apple postage stamps, and I found some puffy fruit stickers, it just seemed like it was destiny to create the fruity cornucopia that is the October 2013 issue of Button Club.

SAVE THE DATE! Join me on Sunday, December 8th for the 3rd annual SFMade Holiday Gift Fair at Fort Mason. You might be thinking, "Lay off, it's not even Halloween yet," but it's one of the best holiday fairs around with the most awesome handmade gifts and goodies that San Francisco has to offer, so you will want to put it on your calendar now.

In puppy news, Bosley is as cute as ever, weighing in at 13 pounds. Whenever I take him for a walk, people like to guess his possible lineage. I've heard everything from Mini Doberman to Mini Rottweiler, Daschund, Chihuaha, and more. (He's a pound puppy, and his mother is some mixture of Corgi and Terrier, but everyone scoffs when I mention the Corgi part. Literally, they scoff, as though I'm deliberately lying! Which begs the question, why would I make that up? If I was going to go that route, you know I would say he's part unicorn.)

Here he enjoys a reflective moment at the beach and/or contemplates a puppy uprising (aka the Puprising). He has not managed to organize a revolution so far, but if you get any emails from me demanding drop shipments of dog treats, you should assume he has taken over this account.