September 18, 2013


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Todd Berman is a San Francisco artist who travels the world and his local community, sketchbook in hand. His art reflects the colorful eccentricity bound within moments and individuals; depicting scenes of people coming together to improve their surroundings. Todd uses art as a tool for exploration and inquiry, and he shares this process with students in San Francisco public schools.

Todd is featured in the September 2013 issue:

Source of inspiration:    The world around me and all the people I meet.
Three adjectives that describe your art:    Expressive, Vibrant, Scribbly
Favorite creative tool:    A good marker with plenty of ink.
Favorite snack:    Cheeeeeese
Favorite toy (now or as a kid):    My sketchbook.
Favorite creative gig:    Turning science, english, or history classes into art classes.
Dog or Cat?    I prefer wild animals.
What music are you listening to right now?   Streaming KEXP
If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be and why?    Emmett Otter's friend Wendell - that porcupine can really blow a jug, and with their new gig at the Riverside Rest, he'll get all the mashed potatoes he wants.
What's the strangest thing you've ever seen?    The landscape of Cappadoccia in Turkey is tough to beat for the wonderfully surreal.
Favorite mythical creature:    I've always had a fondness for Garuda.
Pin-back Button story:    My special-lady-partner-person and I once decorated our Christmas tree with buttons from failed political campaigns. We had naturally gathered quite a few. Run Tom Run!
Upcoming projects:   My paintings of San Francisco will be on display at Mission Pie until October 5 with a reception on Thursday, Sept. 26. I enjoy doing commissions. What would you like me to paint?