August 26, 2013


Virginia Poltrackartist website

Virginia Poltrack is a freelance artist, designer and illustrator living in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. She has been drawing her whole life, and draws something in her sketchbook every day. She has also built custom websites and designed tattoos. She is a "Glass Explorer" for Google, and has been making drawing tutorial videos which you can see on her website, or YouTube page.

Her work is featured in the August 2013, January 2014, and September 2014 issues:


Three adjectives that describe your art:    Funny, rendered and loving
Favorite creative tool:    Mechanical pencil.
Favorite snack:    Cinnamon Life (hands down. I go through several boxes a week!)
Favorite toy (now or as a kid):    Any Star Wars toy! (I may currently have dozens...)
Favorite creative gig:    Anything where someone says "whatever you think will work and look good"!
Dog or Cat?    Dog. (Jack Russell or Dachshund!)
What music are you listening to right now?    The Band and Otis Redding
If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be and why?    Princess Leia, because she's a bad ass and a princess. Win-win!
What's the strangest thing you've ever seen?    I once ate some soup that had little fish heads floating in it when I was in South Korea. I understand that is something that may be completely everyday for them, but I was not expecting that at all. I was unprepared for the little eyes to stare back at me. Coincidentally, my favorite meals I ever ate also took place there, so it worked out great!
Favorite mythical creature:    I have to go with the unicorn, right?!?
Pin-back Button story:    I do love buttons. The first one I ever got really attached to was my Dribbble button (little pink basketball!) I actually lost it, and had to email them and ask if I could have another one. They probably thought I was nuts. But I love it!
Upcoming projects:    I'm working on some apps for Google Glass, the first of which will be released in beta version very soon. It's odd to go from my sketchbook to working with glass - like, very low tech to very high tech! But it keeps me on my toes! So look for those soon!