June Newsletter ★ Button Club is FARR out & New Puppy! ★

June 25, 2013

June Newsletter ★ Button Club is FARR out & New Puppy! ★

Hello friends,

Summer is officially here, and nothing captures this magical time more than stars, hearts, and rainbows, right?! You probably already busted out your short-shorts, roller skates, and Olivia Newton-John album on cassette. Which is why you're going to find the June issue of Button Club so, like, totally awesome.

This month's guest artist is Kristin Farr, and I'm super excited to share her new app FARR OUT. It's free AND guaranteed to make you happy and bring you good luck!
Neon rainbow laser beams from another dimension are what Kristin Farr's artwork is all about, and now you can mess around with her magical paintings for free! Add them to your photos or create brand new compositions using funny animals, rainbow diamonds, and super magical energy!

And as if that wasn't exciting enough, I'm also over the moon to introduce you to my new puppy, Bosley! This little rascal has kept me really busy, and has resisted all attempts to learn how to use the button maker, so productivity has taken a bit of a hit around here. Stay tuned for more Boz related updates, as he's already the recipient of at least 20 nicknames, and the star of many puppy-cam shows. It's only a matter of time before he insists on having his own blog.

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