Springtime Gratitude

February 20, 2010

Springtime Gratitude

gratitude is the fairest blossom

Perhaps you wait until March 21st to declare that it's Spring.  But here in San Francisco, we're so confused about what season it is, what with the torrents of rain one day and warm sunny skies the next, that it's perfectly acceptable to mix it up a bit.

The lastest window display at Sunset Pet Supply is blooming with Springtime gratitude.  Initially I had a hard time picking out which quote or lyrics I wanted to include.  Would it be Gratitude by The Beastie Boys? Perhaps something by Proust? Then I discovered the maddening process of stenciling and voila, one of the shortest quotes, by Henry Ward Beecher, won!  And the flood of gratitude I felt when I was done with the sign was enormous, so you could say, the theme came full circle.

If you are in San Francisco, please visit Sunset Pet Supply at 2226 Taraval Street - mention that you are there to see the window and get 10% off your purchase.

"Gratitude is riches." -Doris Day