2017 - 365 Days of Doodles - 1/365

January 01, 2017

2017 - 365 Days of Doodles - 1/365

Happy 2017!

Last night, in one of those “it’s new year’s eve, time to make a resolution/what did I just drink?” moments, I decided to do 365 days of doodles, starting January 1.

I am not a good or fast illustrator, and have the dubious honor of starting the Club Hands Club.
(anyone can join! just draw all hands in awkward box style!)

But I was inspired by other artists like @anniegalvin and @orliegrams who just completed a year of doodles, and it seems like a really solid way for me to improve my drawing skills.

My ego immediately kicked into overdrive.
What if they’re awful, and everyone hates them?
Worse, what if they ignore them?
You should come up with a better hashtag, I mean... doodle?
Why not art?
Or something with the word creativity?
Why not masterpiece?
Yeah, you should create masterpieces.
Every day.
You WILL create the most amazing art every day.
Oh my god, everyone is going to love you.
Unless you fail, which you might, because, you know, it’s every day.
Also, I don’t mean to be a bitch or anything, but you should really write and exercise every day too...

It’s just a doodle.

I am terrified. But this is how I know it’s a good idea.

So please enjoy my first offering.
Doodle 1/365.

Lyrics by @thecoup @BootsRiley
“I’m here to laugh, love, f*ck and drink liquor. And help the damn revolution come quicker.”

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