October 22, 2014


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Binx is a graphic illustrator from Chicago currently living in Los Angeles. She has been drawing since she was two years old, and continues to expand her imagination through her work. Heavily influenced by colors, cartoons and video games, she wants others to see the world through her eyes. She has an illustration degree from Columbia College Chicago.

She is featured in the October 2014 issue:


Source of inspiration:   Life, dreams and love.
Three adjectives that describe your art:    Cute, colorful, swirly.
Favorite creative tools:    Mircon inking pens and watercolor.
Favorite toy (now or as a kid):    Sega Genesis.
Favorite creative gig:  Anything that lets me create endless swirls and use lots of colors!
Dog or Cat? Cats!
What music are you listening to right now? Childish Gambino, Jhene Aiko, Odesza.
If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be and why? Sailor Moon. She fights for love and justice, has an amazing team of sailor scouts that support her and a talking cat!
What's the strangest thing you've ever seen?
I've seen a lot of strange things just for the fact I tend to surround myself with strange people and environments.
Favorite mythical creatures: Centaurs and Unicorns.
Pin-back button story:
Ever since childhood I've been obsessed with buttons and wear a lot of them! I've worn and lost a lot of buttons over time, but my current favorite one is my "Love" button. I definitely think buttons can help save the world! Not only do they encourage self-expression, they also can create a connection with others who relate to the content of a button.
Additional information/Special announcements: I'm currently working on some freelance projects and creating stickers and designs to incorporate with my graffiti work. Hoping to make some t-shirt designs soon!