Button Club FAQ

Button Club is currently on hiatus. Thank you to everyone who subscribed and supported Button Club for 6 amazing years!

What is Button Club? 
Button Club is an affordable, handmade art subscription of original, limited edition, 1" buttons. Miniature works of art, guest artists, and creative packaging - delivered to your door every month.

How many issues are in a subscription? 
A one year subscription includes 12 issues (one per month), and can start at any time.

Can I send someone a gift subscription? 
Yes, and can I just say - wow, you’re a great friend! 
Upon checkout you can add a gift note in the shopping cart. The recipient will receive a card with your message.

What if I want the gift subscription to arrive at a particular time, like a birthday or Christmas? 
I would be happy to accommodate your special request, and the card and initial edition can be sent whenever you’d like. 
To make a special request, please email tanya at this domain, or include details in the "special comments" section of your shopping cart.

Is Button Club appropriate for kids? 
Yes! All of the designs used in Button Club are completely kid friendly. Subscribers of all ages enjoy Button Club. 

Can I see the buttons before I subscribe / What if I don’t like all of them? 
While in life, sometimes it’s nice to know what you’re getting into ahead of time, like with plane rides, relationships, mortgages, etc. This is not one of those instances. Each month will be a surprise, and while I’m pretty confident you will enjoy the experience of receiving these little missives, there’s a chance not every button will tickle your fancy. May I suggest passing those on to a friend?

What’s the deal with the guest artists? Can I be one? 
Each month I try something a little different, including inviting guest artists to participate for some of the editions. 
If you are creatively inclined and have an idea, please email me a link to your online portfolio, or send sample images directly, so I can see your work.

I live in Canada/Mexico/Other International Destination, and I adore you. Do you have international subscriptions? 
Gosh, that’s really flattering. Yes, we have Canadian and International subscriptions for additional postage. Please email tanya at this domain for info.

What is mail art? 
Mail art means that the packaging is creatively decorated/adorned. I hope you will like it. For a little more info on mail art, see this Wikipedia entry.

Are there other benefits to being a subscriber? 
You're helping to keep me off the mean streets of San Francisco (for which I am eternally grateful), and although I can't legally promise this, it's pretty likely that you will earn the respect of your friends, family, and even strangers, by sporting these buttons. You might even get the job/boyfriend/girlfriend/rain boots of your dreams as a direct result.

Actual testimonial of Button Club attraction factor:

"I look forward to getting mine in the mail every month and the last time I wore one of these buttons in public a SUPER sexy stranger started talking to me about the design. These buttons are on fire." - Lauren, San Francisco 

You can also bask in the warm glow that comes from supporting handmade art, and being a part of a global community of mail/art lovers.

I still don’t get it / I’ve never heard of this kind of thing before / Are you nuts? 
I love sending (and receiving) mail, and making buttons. I’m a crafty sort, and decided to combine these loves into an affordable, accessible art form. I feel very lucky and inspired to have this monthly project and hope that you will enjoy it too!